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The Founding of Maryland

The Lord's Baltimore

Historical Figures From Maryland

Maryland's Historical Sites and other Places of Interest

Historical African American Figures From Maryland

History of the State Flag

Great Seal of Maryland

Former Great Seals of Maryland

Official State Symbols

Maryland's County Seals

Maryland's Firsts

Maryland's Governor's 1634 to Present Day

Maryland's County Establishment

Maryland's County Seats

Maryland State Parks and Forests

Maryland's Regions

Maryland's Population

Fort Frederick and the French and Indian War

The Maryland Men Who Signed the Declaration of Independence

The Peggy Stewart

Civil War Battles in Maryland

The Baltimore Colts

Anne Wolseley Calvert

Maryland Roadside Historical Markers

Everything Beatles!

About Famous People!

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The Only Site You'll Need To Learn About Everything Maryland, its Founding, the American Revolution, War of 1812, and the Civil War. Complete Chronology of Events! In-Depth Information on All the Counties and Baltimore City, All the Governors, Biographies of Famous People, Miscellaneous Facts, Trivia Questions and More!    




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                                             Maryland Roadside Historic Markers

By John T. Marck

Take a photographic look at some of Maryland's Historic Roadside Markers by county.

Check back often as new ones are added!



                      The Bridges of Washington County

                                                                          By John T. Marck

              Built between 1819 and 1864, these wonderful Stone Arch Bridges are an admiration to all!



http://images.marylandtheseventhstate.com/images/oldstatews2.jpg                                   Maryland's Historical Sites and Places of Interest

By John T. Marck

Take a look at some of Maryland's fascinating Historical Sites and other Places of Interest.

                                                                                         Updated frequently, so stop back soon!






Famous African Americans in Maryland's History http://images.marylandtheseventhstate.com/images/homews1.jpg

                                                                                                                                  By John T. Marck

Here you can learn about those famous African Americans important to Maryland and United States history.



http://images.marylandtheseventhstate.com/images/famousws1.jpg                                     Famous Historical Figures from Maryland

                                                                                                          By John T. Marck

                                                          Learn all about the many fascinating Historical Figures from Maryland.


                                                             The History of the State Flag

                                                                                                                                  By John T. Marck

Did you know that the Maryland flag is the only State Flag in the United States that is designed using the founding families Coat of Arms? Do you know the flag original colors and when it was first used? Find out all this and more here!




http://images.marylandtheseventhstate.com/images/Mansionws1.jpg                             Maryland's Governors 1634 to Present Day

                                                                                           By John T. Marck



Anne Wolseley Calvert http://images.marylandtheseventhstate.com/images/woolseyws1.jpg

                            By John T. Marck

Take a look at Anne Wolseley Calvert, the wife of Philip Calvert, who was the son of Cecil Calvert, the Second Lord Baltimore. Using her skull which was uncovered in St. Mary's City, a facial reconstruction was made, from which Anne came alive again.



Maryland's State House

http://images.marylandtheseventhstate.com/images/statews1.jpg                                                                                          By John T. Marck

Maryland's State House, located in Annapolis, is the Oldest State House still in Continuous Legislative use. Learn all about it's History, and its relationship to George Washington, Tench Tilghman, The Articles of Confederation and the Treaty of Paris.




http://images.marylandtheseventhstate.com/images/dunkerws1.jpg                            Civil War Battles In Maryland

                                                By John T. Marck

Here you will find a listing of all the Civil War Battles and Skirmishes in Maryland, as well as the number of losses suffered at each engagement



http://images.marylandtheseventhstate.com/images/sealrws1.jpg                                                    The Great Seal of Maryland

                                                                                                                   By John T. Marck

Did you know that the reverse side of the Great Seal is the one commonly used? Take a look here at both the obverse and reverse, the origin of the Seal, and what it symbolizes.



The Former Great Seals of Maryland


                                                                                                                  By John T. Marck

Did you know that Maryland has had many Great Seals over the years in its history? Here you'll find each of these former seals and the year in which it was in effect.



The Maryland Men who signed the Declaration of Independence

By John T. Marck

Of the seven members of the Maryland delegation, four signed the Declaration of Independence. These men by signing risked their lives, lands and fortunes. They were: Charles Carroll of Carrollton, Samuel Chase, William Paca and Thomas Stone.



Maryland's Official State Symbols http://images.marylandtheseventhstate.com/images/birdws1.jpg

                                                                                                   By John T. Marck

Maryland now has eighteen official State Symbols. Can you name them? Learn all about them here!




Fort Frederick and the French and Indian War http://images.marylandtheseventhstate.com/images/F&indws1.jpg

                                   By John T. Marck

Learn all about the French and Indian War and its causes, and relationship to Maryland, and Fort Frederick and its importance to Maryland during this war.



The Peggy Stewart http://images.marylandtheseventhstate.com/images/peggyws1.jpg

                                                                                                                     By John T. Marck

An Annapolis resident, Anthony Stewart owned a ship known as the Peggy Stewart, named for his daughter. Loaded with 2,000 pounds of tea the ship arrived at Annapolis harbor. Anthony Stewart decided that he would pay the tax on the tea, and have it quietly moved ashore; but soon the word of his intentions got out. Citizens became angry, and gathered at the harbor. As tempers grew hotter, the group of angry citizens went to Stewart's house and confronted him. They reminded him that he should be loyal to the non-importation agreement, although he had refused to sign it. The angry crowd gave him a choice; burn the ship "or be hanged right here at your front door." Click here to learn the fate of the Peggy Stewart.



Maryland's First's http://images.marylandtheseventhstate.com/images/Firstsws2.jpg

                                                      By John T. Marck

Maryland, being rich in history has the distinction of having many "firsts." Listed here are just some of the events, discoveries, and inventions that occurred first in Maryland, and in some cases America. Many of these happenings you have probably heard before, but perhaps did not realize that they happened first in the great state of Maryland.



Francis Scott Key http://images.marylandtheseventhstate.com/images/Key5topws.jpg

                                                                                                                  By John T. Marck

Here you'll find the life of Francis Scott Key, and his relationship to the War of 1812, and the Star-Spangled Banner. Included are pictures and all the verses to this famous poem as Key wrote it, and a copy of his original writing. Do you know where Key wrote this poem, where he finished it, what it was originally called, where it was first published, and where the original copy is today? Find out all this and more here!


The Lords Baltimore http://images.marylandtheseventhstate.com/images/Lordws1.jpg

                        By John T. Marck

                           Take a Look at the Lives of Maryland's Lords Baltimore, the Famous Calvert Family



The Baltimore Colts http://images.marylandtheseventhstate.com/images/coltsws1.jpg

                                                                                                                     By John T. Marck

The Baltimore Colts were easily one of the greatest football teams in the history of Professional Football. Fondly known as the "Miracle on 33rd Street," for their home field at Baltimore's Memorial Stadium, here you'll find their won-lost record for their thirty year history between the years 1953 to 1983, as well as their championships and head coaches.



Maryland County and Baltimore City Seals

                 By John T. Marck


Here you can See and Learn all about each Great Seal from all of Maryland's Counties and Baltimore City - it's origin, effective date, and what each Seal symbolizes.



The Founding of Maryland

http://images.marylandtheseventhstate.com/images/clementssealws1.jpg                                                                                                                   By John T. Marck

On March 25th, each year, Maryland celebrates the anniversary of its founding. Here you can learn all about how the great state began, the Calvert family, and the famous voyage on the Ark and the Dove.




Maryland County Seats http://images.marylandtheseventhstate.com/images/seatws1.jpg

                    By John T. Marck

Do You Know the Seat of each county in Maryland? Learn them all here!



http://images.marylandtheseventhstate.com/images/Parks.jpg                                Maryland's Forests and Parks

                                                                                By John T. Marck

                                                                             Take a look at all the Forest and Parks in Maryland, and their County Location!



Maryland County Establishment http://images.marylandtheseventhstate.com/images/Estab.jpg

                                               By John T. Marck

                                                                     Here you'll find a list of all of Maryland's Counties in Order by Date in which they were established.




Maryland's Regions

                                                                                         By John T. Marck

                                                                                     Take a look at all the Forest and Parks in Maryland, and their County Location!


Maryland's Population http://images.marylandtheseventhstate.com/images/popws1.jpg

                         By John T. Marck

Take a look at the population of the State of Maryland. The list indicates population by county for the years 1998 and 2000, as well as the total state population for the years, 1990, 1998, and 2000.




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